Our Team

  • A team of national experts and partner organizations, led by Harris Allen PhD, are available to support entities that elect to adopt VDPH and implement it in stakeholder and/or community settings.

  • This team will benefit from the advice and counsel of a yet-to-be named Board of Directors drawn from community leaders and national experts.


  • Dr. Allen’s qualifications stem from the expertise and track record acquired via his work in the private sector and academia. Click here for his resume and here for a list of recent publications and presentations he and colleagues have generated that are pertinent to VDPH.


  • The experts and partner organizations comprising the rest of the support team have in common a history of having collaborated with Dr. Allen or his consulting group. Click here for a profile of Harris Allen Group LLC and here for profiles of these experts and here for these organizations.


  • It is anticipated that funding for VDPH initiatives will come from contributions by participating organizations and from foundation support.  In each case, the details will be worked through as the initiative takes shape.