A Top Prospect: 


  • Startling findings from recent health studies speak to an urgent need for new coordinated, system-wide action in the state of Georgia.

-- Georgia’s health outcomes consistently rank in the lowest quintile in state rankings




-- Adjacent zip codes in Atlanta report differences in years in life expectancy at birth of up to 12 years


  • Innovative developments are emerging across the private, public and non-profit sectors inside and outside of the state’s healthcare marketplace that have huge potential for tackling this dilemma.

-- As the center of the New South with rapid population growth and a burgeoning concentration of resources, capital and expertise, Georgia and its capital, Atlanta, are uniquely poised to harness this momentum.

  • The Healthier Georgia     and Healthier Atlanta     initiatives are multi-pronged efforts under development that are seeking to bring key stakeholders in the private, public and non-profit sectors together to embrace and tackle the challenge at hand. Improving role performance in each context is fundamental.


  • Through the convening power of their offices, key elected officials such as the state's governor, Atlanta’s mayor, and local county commissioners are  optimally positioned to help generate momentum and lead these efforts. 


-- As a proposal for how to proceed, see our “top 10” list for moving forward in the context of the Healthier Georgia    initiative to mount an approach focused on the broad range of factors affecting the health of Georgians.



-- Click here for an update of this listing, recently requested by a state representative, that highlights "low hanging fruit" for prioritizing these steps.

-- For a similar "top 10" list for moving forward in the context of the Healthier Atlanta     initiative, click here for recent proposal to the Fulton County Board of Commissioners.




  • Any increases in costs resulting from implementation of these steps need to be driven to the extent feasible by the measurement and management of outcomes and costs in combination.  VDPH guided development of these lists and can help steer their implementation.