VDPH's Focus:

Measuring and Managing Outcomes and Costs to Maximize the Value of Every Dollar Spent to Improve Population Health

Stakeholder Role Performance in the Context of Population Health

  • The tree as metaphor:  Health outcomes (the canopy) are shaped by domains (branches) which are driven by policies (the trunk) constrained by cultural conditions (the soil)


  • VDPH focuses on this entire context by measuring and managing the impact that stakeholder groups in and out of the healthcare system exert by how they perform their role in relation to health outcomes and costs

A Better Performing Healthcare System:  An Essential Starting Point

  • While the evidence finds that health care accounts for no more than 25% of our health outcomes, it is the domain:

-- that is most readily linked to health outcomes

-- on which we by far & away spend most heavily

-- for which measurement and management in relation to role impact is most advanced


  • VDPH places high priority on improving the role performance of each of the major stakeholder groups that determine the domain’s impact on outcomes & costs