Maximizing the Value of Every Dollar Spent to Improve Health in Populations


Click here for access to our peer-reviewed publication on Value-Driven Population Health, published in December 2017.  

A Dilemma We all Face

Healthcare costs in the U.S.  are high and getting higher even as our aggregate health outcomes remain mediocre and marked by severe disparities - a dilemma that has us on an underachieving and unsustainable path

What is Needed

 A focus on outcomes and costs that grasps — and improves -- the bottom line performance of each of the major stakeholder groups that are impacting this dilemma by how they enact their roles in relation to it

Value-driven Population Health

A management and measurement system that tackles this systemic challenge with an evolving integration of proven methods for population health and value that has reached critical mass and is ready for broader use

Our Team

A consortium of national experts and partner organizations devoted to the science and management of VDPH® and supporting its use to improve outcomes and reduce costs in community and stakeholder settings

An Invitation

VDPH is most likely to succeed when those who enact it make it their own and their situation warrants action  Contact us to discuss how we can best support its use in your setting.